10 outstanding social enterprises in Latin America

The expansion of social enterprises in Latin America has begun and is growing gradually. There are constantly more people who notice that it is possible to obtain more than economic remuneration by doing a job; they can generate positive change in society or the environment. This is what social enterprises are all about, about getting more than just income, about creating something that is beneficial to everyone and everything.

Thanks to the climate of the various regions, a wide variety of food products are enjoyed; sometimes unique to a particular country. In addition, there is a wide variety of indigenous communities or social groups that do not receive all the attention they need. It is certainly the perfect environment to start a variation, whether in the ecological or social, and all this starts with a change of thought. Change that is taking hold in the minds of Latin Americans.

Some of the most innovative and outstanding companies in Latin America according to articles and publications by FastCompany and SistemaB are described below:



This company was born in Brazil (May 2013) and currently has around 2 million students worldwide. Eduk has managed to expand its mission to other countries such as: Mexico, Colombia, Spain, among others. It is developed thanks to the Internet, since it focuses on education through online courses; which are extremely varied and are focused on the development of entrepreneurship. There are categories such as gastronomy, fashion, photography, crafts among many other topics of interest.

Access to this platform is completely free. You can enter the live courses or even book a place in the next broadcast. There is also a paid version of the program, which allows certain benefits such as obtaining certificates, materials (in case of application), etc.

More information: www.eduk.com.br


Born in Chile thanks to the collaboration of 3 entrepreneurs currently has managed to expand its reach to countries such as: Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, etc. This entity is focused on young people who do not have extensive experience in the world of work, and who want to find a good job or simply do internships.

The company is supported by the companies that provide the workplaces, which are placed on their website. Registration is free for all interested parties and they easily and quickly connect applicants with well-known companies. All this thanks to the use of social networks.

More information: firstjob.me


This triple impact Company originated in Chile in 2009 and has now expanded to other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. The axis of the company is recycling, however as a result it has managed to obtain a social benefit for its employees (former base recycler), because they offer a decent and profitable work for each of them.

Although they started with the “Clean points”, which are recycling places for the common citizen, they currently offer advice for offices, schools and even industries that want to help preserve the environment; either by recycling their garbage correctly or improving their production processes to avoid a greater degree of pollution or waste of raw material.

More information: www.triciclos.cl


Founded in 2009 by a group of young Americans, Runa operates in Ecuador and distributes its product internationally. The company is responsible for the production of products such as: energy drinks and tea bags in various presentations; based on the guayusa leaf (native to the Ecuadorian Amazon).

For a long time the Amazon has been exploited for the extraction of oil or logging of trees; however, with this type of companies it has been possible to benefit the indigenous communities of the area and preserve the tropical forest.

Currently there are more than 3000 people benefited, not only by the creation of jobs, but also Runa gives a percentage of its profits to each of the communities for the development of projects. It is also responsible for creating, with the help of the community, plans for the preservation of the land and avoiding permanent ecological damage.

More information: www.runa.org


Of Argentine origin, Semtive is focused on the promotion and development of equipment that allows the use of alternative energies, such as wind and solar. Without a doubt this approach represents a beam of light in the face of the constant alert experienced by the planet regarding the over-use of fossil fuels and its consequences

This company covers various ecological alternatives, such as: domestic, urban, commercial and even industrial. The equipment they distribute is recyclable, easy to install, customizable and has minimal impact on the ecosystem. They can be used as back-ups for power supply or as energy saving in some cases.

More information: www.semtive.com


This Peruvian private consultancy is responsible for providing advice to public or private entities that wish to improve their relationship with the ecosystem, in order to mitigate CO2 emissions and inadequate consumption of natural resources as much as possible.

In the case of the private sector, it performs an analysis of: the carbon emissions, land use and water that the company has to generate its products or services. They then implement actions to improve those processes and during this, management create campaigns and workshops that allow every one of the employees to be involved in the process. That is to say their main function lies in generating a change in mentality of individuals.

While working with the public sector, they carry out an in-depth analysis of the problems facing the current government and advise leaders on policies and projects that they can carry out to create a sustainable ecosystem.

More information: www.libelula.com.pe


With more than 10 years experience, this Columbian company works with only the goal of promoting sustainability. They basically advise companies interested in reducing their negative impacts on the ecosystem, through the development of projects in which the management of post-production waste is analyzed.

They also manufacture eco-products, which are an economically sustainable way of promoting the name of their company with a small detail. It should be emphasised that the highlight of this work is that such products are manufactured by vulnerable populations.

More information: www.enves.com


Algramo operates in Chile and is now in Columbia and has a direct impact on the economy of families; since it carries basic necessities from the supplier to the various warehouses where they will be put on sale for the public. That is to say that by reducing the number of intermediaries and marketing on the final product there is a saving of 40% on the purchase.

In addition to the social benefit, there is a great ecological benefit because the containers of these products are returnable and in this way people are educated for the reuse of the same and a smaller number of containers is produced.

More information: www.algramo.com


It is based in Colombia and is responsible for the development of real estate projects such as: hotels, offices, wineries, industrial parks and even housing. The main difference from the rest of the companies in the market is that ConTempo seeks to minimize the environmental impact.

Following the studies carried out by its staff, all their projects manage to achieve between 24 – 50% energy savings, 40% savings in drinking water, produce between 33-39% less carbon emissions and also produce 70% less solid waste.

More information: www.grupo-contempo.com

3 Vectores

Uruguayan company that offers consultations to those that wish to carry out a project that has as much social benefits as environmental. In addition to that, they bring sustainable solutions to the problems that may arise. This is thanks to 10 years of experience in their work.

Additionally, they are responsible for the elaboration of environmental events to promote the awareness of the population. Their objective is to foster a change in people that can be transmitted on an ongoing basis.

More information: www.3vectores.com

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