About the Escuela Creactiva

Origin, development and principal objectives.

The Escuela Creactiva is a meeting and learning space in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The Escuela Creactiva, promoted by Jovesólides, is a space to share knowledge and new practices in entrepreneurship and social innovation. All this through innovative methodologies aimed at promoting a positive social impact. It has been created to be a meeting point for companies, administrations, platforms and NGOs that want to do things in a different way. It is focused on all those actors who wish to promote creativity and socio-economic alternatives of social participation, from an inclusive and participatory vision. In short, it is a space for meeting and learning.


The Escuela Creactiva thus joins the wide list of initiatives launched by Jovesólides to promote the discovery and implementation of social innovation in all areas. To date, the entity has developed a total of 147 actions, more than 120 laboratories and 4 forums. All these activities have been aimed at promoting innovation and social entrepreneurship in 20 countries in Europe and Latin America. And in all that time it has published more than 550 news and testimonials of social innovations that are changing the world.


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